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We love crafty things and the talented, creative people that make them, and we want to help independent makers and home craft businesses succeed. Turning your crafts into a thriving business can be challenging, but we can help you take control! we’ve crafted a series of e-books that will help guide you on your path success.

Our 17 e-books cover every aspect of running your own business. Grouped into three areas Creative, Commercial and Consumer, they look at everything from marketing and social media, to business structure and accounting, pricing and copyright.

We established the Our Crafty Things company in 2013 over a cup of coffee and a wedge of cake. Our aim is to help independent makers and home craft businesses be known and reach a bigger audience. Over the last few years, we’ve used our site and social media experience to help small businesses shout BIG and help customers find you!

Welcome to Our Crafty Things

We are Sam and Hayley, two passionate marketers, with a combined 40+ years marketing and business experience – including running our own businesses. We love what we do and enjoy helping other people, like you,  succeed in running a profitable, home-based business.

We’ve noticed a massive difference between home-based craft businesses that make sales and those that are struggling. We identified that it isn’t necessarily the quality of their crafts/products, but their approach to running their business. With this in mind, we decided to see how we could help – and that’s where our series of e-books began.

5 Creative Modules

[br] Branding
Social media
Building a Website
Goal Setting and Time Management

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5 Commercial Modules

[br] Scaling your Business
Building your Profit
Setting up a Company in the UK
Systems and Processing

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6 Consumer Modules

[br] Pricing and selling
Product development
Knowing your Target audience
Understanding IP and copyright
Choosing an Online Marketplace

Module 17 – Useful Forms and Templates – Free with coupon Buy Now

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Think Creative

The modules have been divided into three key sections – CreativeCommercial and Consumer
In Creative, we cover the following:

Branding – including: important elements of branding, knowing your target audience, defining your key messages, what are brand assets, use of fonts, colours and icons and how you can create a logo cost effectively.

Marketing – including: what is marketing, the marketing mix, the steps to create a marketing plan, free tools and resources to market your business and which type of marketing is best for your business.

Social Media – including: how to integrate social media into the marketing mix, create a community, the types of content to share, optimum times to post and the benefits of automation.

Building a Website – including: choosing a domain name, selecting hosting, a review of the most common website building tools, setting up a website shop, understanding different payment gateways, how to set up Google Analytics and getting your site noticed.

Goal Setting and Time Management – including: the importance of goal setting, defining high performing activities, leveraging your time, creating SMART goals and working toward improving your time management so that you can reach your goals quicker.

Be Commercial

In Commercial, we cover the following:

Scaling your Business – including: when you should scale your business and the steps you should take, the pros and cons of hiring staff versus outsourcing and the benefits of a VA (virtual assistant).

Building your Profit – including identifying your value proposition, understanding your customers needs and pain / pleasure points, creating your elevator pitch (your 20 second introduction) and understanding your business model canvas or 1-page business plan.

Setting up a Company in the UK – including: what you can and can’t claim for, when you have to apply for VAT, what is VAT’able, what happens if you need to employ someone, how you can calculate PAYE, pension contributions, holidays etc, and what records you need to keep on your business.

Accounting – including: managing your accounts, keeping track of your expenses, book keeping, invoice and payment processing, VAT, payroll and taxation.

Systems and Processing – including: what simple business systems and processes you can implement, how you can set them up using simple business tools, and how you can create an operations manual for your business.

The Consumer

In Consumer, we cover the following:

Pricing and Selling – including: pricing and competitors, pricing to meet demand, how you can avoid pricing mistakes and how you can set prices for your products.

Product Development – including: how you develop your products for market, deciding on your core products and developing a product range from idea generation, screening, sampling and testing, production and presenting your product.

Knowing your Target Audience – including: what a target audience is, why it’s important, how to work out who your target audience is, defining your target audience and considering niche markets.

Understanding IP and Copyright – including: understanding intellectual property and copyright, what is automatic IP protection, paid protection and creating your crafts within the law.

Choosing an Online Marketplace – including: choosing an online marketplace and a review of the different platforms, Facebook, Etsy, Folksy, Conscious Crafties, Zibbet, eBay and Amazon Handmade.

GDPR – including the principles of GDPR, what you need to do and how this will affect your marketing activity, what is a privacy policy, what is re-permissioning, what is double opt-in and examples of great practice.


FREE Bonus Module – Module 17 – Forms and Templates

This is a FREE bonus module to help you with your craft or home-based business. Including a Social Media Content Planner, Social Media Cheat Sheet (outlining the different sizes for graphics for all the key social media channels), My Weekly Business Planner, Your 1-Page Business Model Canvas, your 1-Page Value Proposition Canvas, a Printer’s Specification Outline and Template and a Creative Brief Outline and Template. To claim yours, order here and quote coupon reference: FREEMODULE1

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