Commercial Module 1 – Scaling Your Business


Scaling – As you grow your business how do you manage the elements and how to outsource 33pp pdf ebook

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All of us have heard the term ‘scaling your business’, but like so many other buzzwords, we only have a limited idea about exactly what it means. You might only be starting out in your craft or home-based business, or perhaps you have been running your business for several months or even years. Whatever your current situation you might consider growing and expanding your business.

Put simply; scalability refers to how well a system performs when put into an environment where significantly greater demands are placed upon it. This module looks at when you should scale your business and the steps you should take, the benefits of having premises as opposed to home working, the pros and cons of hiring staff versus the pros and cons of outsourcing, what you can outsource, the benefits of a VA (virtual assistant), great VA companies that you can use, what tasks your VA can accomplish and what you shouldn’t outsource.


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