Creative Module 1 – Branding


Brand / Logo – having a Brand and logo that is both recognisable and conveys the right message is vital to keeping in front of your chosen market – 38 pp pdf ebook

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Branding is more than designing a logo! It is a process that communicates the unique value your business offers, what it stands for, it’s vision, values and personality – creating a unique name and image for your business and products in the mind of its consumers.

This module looks at the important elements of branding, the value of brands, knowing your target audience and creating your customer avatars, understanding your tone of voice, defining your key messages, the importance of consistency in branding, what are brand assets, what is a logo, use of fonts, colours and icons, the differences between print and online colours and fonts, how you can create a logo cost effectively, the principles of effective logo design and how to brief an agency.


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